What’s new in Tableau – Key features of Tableau 10.4


Tableau comes with another update to provide all the features for their users.


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Geo Spatial


Tableau 10.4 brings to its user’s new geospatial capabilities with linear geometry shapefile support. You could also use Tableau’s Web Data Connector to import spatial data from the web by connecting directly to GeoJSON. For the Technical minds, Tableau has also deployed MATLAB models for predictive business insights.


Data Source Certification


Have you ever wondered about the authenticity of your data, its credibility for retrieving business insights? Tableau 10.4 allows the site administrators and project leaders to set the certification for the data source which meet the organization’s compliance and security standards. This appears as a unique badge, giving users the confidence over their data.




With Tableau 10.4, you can now benefit from the collective knowledge of your team. The real time commenting capability allows data discoveries and analytics based on the discussion and viz snapshots. Administrators can also disable this feature if required.


Additionally, Tableau gives data source recommendations helps you to find the right data source for your analysis. It also gives an option of publishing to older versions of Tableau Server using the latest version of Tableau desktop using downgrade and publish option.