14 Nov: Life gets easier with Tableau 2019.4

This is a story. A story how the new Tableau has made my life easier, by seamlessly integrating data-driven decision making, a part of my day to day life. First-hand experience. If you are a user of Tableau or you follow the company, you would already now that Tableau is known for bringing in some great innovation into the visual…

10 Oct: Unleash the Power of Python Language to Transform Data Using Tableau Prep Builder

Tableau Prep Builder is a Tableau product that is designed in a way that could help anyone to quickly and confidently combine, shape, as well as clean their data for analysis. For this, you can start by connecting to your data from a variety of files, servers, or Tableau extracts; data from multiple data sources can be combined. You can…

25 Sep: A deep dive into Tableau 2019.3

With every release, Tableau proves that it takes user suggestions into account when developing new features. Tableau has always tried to keep customers convenience and flexibility as their matters of concern. Tableau’s latest version 2019.3 has been included with exciting new features like Tableau Catalog, Explain Data and Tableau Server Management Add-on. Let us have a look at what these…