A deep dive into Tableau 2019.3

With every release, Tableau proves that it takes user suggestions into account when developing new features. Tableau has always tried to keep customers convenience and flexibility as their matters of concern. Tableau’s latest version 2019.3 has been included with exciting new features like Tableau Catalog, Explain Data and Tableau Server Management Add-on. Let us have a look at what these new features are:

Tableau Catalog


What could be better than a feature that could provide better visibility and better data management at the same time, and also ensure that the right data is always used for analysis. This is possible with the new feature -Tableau Catalog.


This feature provides a complete picture of the data and how each data is connected.


Another use of Tableau Catalog is linear and impact analysis. This not only shows which assets will change but also who will be affected by it, which makes work easier for many and avoids wastage of time.


Explain Data


Tableau 2019.3 is up with a new Al-driven feature called the “Explain Data”, which helps people go from the “what” of the data to the “how” of it. With explain data, we can get an explanation for each unexpected value in the data by just a single click. On selecting the desired data point, the ‘explain data’(lightbulb) icon appears.


For each value there might be a number of explanations. Each of these explanations are checked and only the most likely ones are provided as visualizations.


Now these visualizations can be used for further explorations.


Tableau Server Management Add-on


Organizations that run critical deployment of Tableau Server at a large scale, have mentioned concerns over manageability and scalability. They have been in search for tools that could organize the management process in an efficient way, which could save a lot of time. Tableau solved this problem by introducing the Tableau Server Management Add-on – a new feature designed to help organizations manage the deployment of Tableau Server. With this, they can quickly react to the changing needs of the business as well as save time by organizing the management process in the most efficient way. Tableau Server Management Add-on, which makes running the critical deployment of tableau at a large-scale server much simpler.


The server management add-on feature can help in optimising the performance of deployment by customizing which nodes process background jobs such as extract refreshes and subscriptions and isolating these workloads, to specific nodes. This makes it easier to scale deployments to the needs of their organization.


This feature has a few tools, including two for better reliability and scalability and one for content migration, all of which helps the organizations to govern their data effectively.


If you are interested in learning more about the latest Tableau release and use cases, please contact us at training@beinex.com/ info@beinex.com and we would be happy to schedule a Tableau demo or training for you and your company.


Note: The Server Management Add-on is not available for Tableau Online, as they manage everything from scaling, performance, and security on behalf of their Tableau Online customers. The Tableau Server Management Add-on can be separately purchased from the Tableau Server deployment.

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