Tableau 2019.2 Release

Tableau 2019.2 Release – A Deeper Dive

Tableau has released the newest version of the platform that enhances the way people visualize and interact with data. In this article we’ll go through some of the exciting new changes included in Tableau 2019.2 and how business will benefit from these newly enhanced and released features.


The major release of Tableau has on-boarded some impressive features and functionality that will have big influence in data visualization and business productivity. In this post, we will highlight some significant and exciting features that are a part of this release.


1. Upscale your Viz with Vector Maps:


Vector Maps enhances your mapping experience by rendering a crisp output as you pan, zoom in, and zoom out to explore your geospatial data. This new feature also leverages the census data from American Community Survey (ACS) to incorporate demographics data into your dashboard.



  • Enhanced mapping interaction with sharp rendering
  • Improved default maps styles: Dark, Normal, and Light
  • New map styles: Street, Satellite, and Outdoor
  • New background mapping styles: subway and train stations, building footprints, terrain, and water labels
  • Demographics data from American Community Survey (ACS)




Tableau 2019.2 new map styles


Above recording is a view of the new map styles that is a part of the Tableau 2019.2 release. Here you can see how simple it is to include and switch between the newly added map layers. The maps have become crisper while zooming and panning.


2. Enable Interactivity with Parameter Actions


Improved parameter actions is another powerful feature that powers up interactivity in your dashboards and help your viewers gain deeper insights into the trends. It unlocks the ability of a viewer to visually change a parameter’s value thereby offering you endless possibilities to create a truly interactive dashboard.




  • Interactive relationships between data, dashboard, objects, other workbook sheets and web
  • Enhanced interactivity by creating marks on a Viz
  • Improved user experience by transferring control to the end user
  • Allows users to dynamically change SQL queries, drive reference lines, calculations and filters




Tableau 2019.2 Dynamic Parameter


With this feature the end users can dynamically view the parameter values. In the above example, we have created a parameter ‘order date’ and placed Day of order date and sales into the view and we have added reference line for sales. When applied in a parameter action, the values get changed dynamically.


3. Left Nav, Favorites, and Recent for Enhanced Navigation


Navigate seamlessly and find the content you are searching with the improved navigation. The new navigation features will intensify the already powerful content browsing experience. You can easily find your favorite and recent content including projects and prep flow at the top.




  • Improved access to key pages and content
  • New quick access navigation bar with personalized content relevancy
  • Welcome screen with navigation walk-through for new users
  • Completely re-designed homepage




Tableau 2019.2 Left Nav


4. Talk to your data with AskData


AskData is a fairly new module and growing quickly in popularity with the 2019.1 release. Tableau is continuing to expand on this by adding streamlined and innovative capabilities to AskData. You now have the option to add calculations on the fly without having to build them into the data source. You can also ask more sophisticated questions and get answers with the enhanced AskData.




  • Improved interface to allow more conversational interactions
  • Enhanced language processing to edit statements from an existing question
  • Features to execute calculations on the fly




Tableau 2019.2 - AskData


In the above example, you can experience the power of the natural language processing engine built into the latest version of ask data. When we ask ‘How are my sales doing by numbers?’, the system automatically understands our query and displays the sum of sales by segment. We can further segment it by year by asking further questions or adjust the values according to our requirements.


These are only a few of the many exciting updates Tableau has incorporated to continue pushing the boundaries of data analytics and prepare for the future market changes. A complete list of updates and features could be found in Tableau’s release notes:


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