The Key Features of Tableau 2019.1

The Key Features of Tableau 2019.1

I’ve always been a huge Tableau fan and one of the biggest reasons why is that I can always count on Tableau for bringing out new exciting features in every release. With new quarter, Tableau has yet again released a new version after a thorough research based on people’s experience, thoughts and comments.


As a result, Tableau 2019.1 has plenty of new and insightful features amongst which is a feature called Ask Data which will make our life so much easier! There are so many other new features which everyone will appreciate, such as Prep Conductor, Automatic Dashboard Phone Layout, URL Action improvements, Nested Sorting improvements, connector for Microsoft Azure SQL data warehouse and many more!


Here are my top picks from the list.


Ask Data


Are you not a data analyst but still love to play with data? You have a question in mind but don’t know how to get to the answer from all the data? Just Ask Data! Ask or type the question in your natural language and Tableau will not only give you the answer but also visualize it in a stunning way! We thought this one deserves its own blog with detailed information and so we decided to share one with you, keep your eyes open as it is coming soon to our blog!



Prep Conductor


Keep your data fresh with Prep Conductor. Tableau Prep is helping organizations with preparing and sorting their data easily. This new addition allows you to automate this process on Tableau Server or Online. You can schedule and manage your data flows created on Prep. It can be seamlessly integrated to your existing schedules of Server or Online. You can manage the permissions to your flow regarding who should run, edit, download and so much more.



Nested Sorting


Thinking that sorting a hierarchical field would make your work easier? It is the most talked about and wanted feature and Tableau 2019.1 has got you covered! With this feature, you can visually define how you want to sort within multiple dimensions helping to capture the trends in categorical data bringing out wonderful insights.



Mobile View


Everybody is using smart phones. For everything. Everywhere. Period. Tableau knows it and continues to create more phone friendly features.


Now you can create customized mobile layouts for your dashboards even if it’s not listed in default options. This comes in handy when your phone is not listed in the model. Tableau 2019.1 brings to its users customized phone layout for specific uses including interactive offline previews and automatically adding phone layouts to new dash board. Now, others can view your visually stunning creative dashboards via their phone in a sophisticated way.



URL Improvements


Decide how you want the URL action to work with the new URL improvements in Tableau 2019.1. Target specific URL actions enable the user to control the view of any external information linking to your dataset. Develop intuitive, integrated and innovative dashboards by connecting to all the necessary information outside your data source.





Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Connector


Be it on cloud or on premises, Tableau keeps on adding more data connections to make it easy for users to leverage the native way of connecting. This came up with the connector to Microsoft Azure cloud service in the current release. This helps in avoiding ODBC in making connections to the data stored in Microsoft Azure Data warehouse.



I’m very excited about all these new features, what about you?


Are you interested in learning more about Tableau’s new features or the features that are yet to come in the next versions? Are you a Tableau user and would like to become a Tableau Champion? Or are you new to Tableau and it just seems like something you could use to work with your data?


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