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06 Sep: Tableau is Upgraded to 2021.3: Let Celebrations Continue from the Last Quarter

When the sliver of thought — that we have seen all that Tableau can do — crosses our mind, just pay witness to a meteor shower of new features lighting the horizon up! Tableau is officially upgraded to 2021.3. Tableau 2021.2 was a remarkable update in itself: it included ‘ask and explain data’ for viewers, allowing connected desktops, Collections, and…


08 Jul: Tableau 2021.2 : New Features

Tableau 2021.1 started with the Einstein Discovery which is an automatic machine learning engine that lives inside Tableau CRM. It is going to be available as a Dashboard Extension, in Calculation Engine and in Tableau Prep. You will now be able to use the predictive and prescriptive power of the Einstein Discovery for analysis in Tableau. Users can interact with…