In a future led by Data, Beinex is always striving to help clients bring out the best Data Analytics solutions. Our partnership with HVR will enable seamless real-time data migration and database integration. HVR is designed to move large volumes of data in hybrid environments, at lightning fast speeds.

Our partnership with HVR, helps us revolutionize your business and make you a Analytics driven organisation. HVR technology enables data moving and in sync for real-time modern data analysis. Data replication is another area where we leverage the power of HVR’s real-time data replication service that makes it fast, efficient and secure.

Client Benefits


HVR runs in a distributed architecture and makes it flexible and easy to set up and deploy


The security features enabled for HVR in hybrid scenarios and data migration offers a safe environment.


Proprietary compression algorithm and Log based CDC improves the efficiency of the platform


Automatic mapping, table creation and initial load, helps quickly run your replication and integration project.

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