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Are you struggling to utilize the best out of Tableau?

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What Is Tableau Support Services?

Our team of Tableau experts is ready to provide the support you need whenever you need it, 24×7.

Tableau Desktop Support

Whether you are looking for simple troubleshooting or have any quick questions to get sorted out, our support staff can help you build a basic view to explore your data using Tableau. Get a short walkthrough or an in-depth study on Tableau concepts on how to create data visualizations, select the right chart for your data, and how to share your findings.

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Tableau Server Support

Are you looking for additional support to plan, install, and configure the Tableau server to best suit your needs? Our experts will guide you through the step-by-step planning and installation procedures until we make sure that the server is correctly installed and securely running. People with ample experience in installing server software and those who are new to it with limited IT experience will both benefit from the assistance we provide.

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Tableau Online Support

The fully hosted version of the Tableau Server, Tableau Online, allows you to work with data stored anywhere. Get a brief on how it works, how to interact with data, how to edit it, publish dashboards, and how to share the up-to-date visual analytics across your entire organization. Our Tableau support team is always ready to support you to head you in the right direction.

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Tableau Prep Builder Support

Tableau Prep Builder helps to quickly combine, shape, and clean the data for analysis to generate insights faster. It is a stand-alone product that works seamlessly with Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and Tableau Desktop. Save your data in a centralized, scalable, and reliable server environment to make it up to date and easy to share. Our team of Tableau experts is ready to guide you through what you need to know when upgrading to Tableau Prep Builder.

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