Our Capabilities

Self-Service Finance Intelligence

Increase user independence from IT departments using self-service BI, interacting with your data to get business insights far more efficiently. Outperform the financial objectives of your organization by tracking all your relevant finance KPIs, creating specific dashboards and reports needed to tackle the most challenging of finance-related business problems.

Mobile Finance Capability

Analyze real-time data and access valuable information such as KPIs, business metrics, and dashboards on your mobile devices on the go. Keep track of the profit & loss statement, balance statement, cashflow and other dashboards with our bespoke mobile Finance analytics solution.

Data Visualization

Draw insights by exploring and visualizing all of your financial data. Our intuitive visualization solutions deliver an in-depth understanding of revenue, expenses, and costs incurred. Extract value from complex business data to quickly understand the latest and trending information for debtors, creditors, and shareholders.


We offer an effective and successful Finance BI implementation that completely reinvents your business by giving you in-depth insights into your data sets and allowing you to take your business to the next level. Unlike traditional deployments, our agile and iterative methodology delivers efficient results with a very short time to value.

Our Business Intelligence Service Offerings

Ready To Go Solutions

Bespoke Finance Dashboards

Beinex provides integrated Finance dashboards tailored for your industry and internal business functions. The easy-to-navigate, interactive dashboards help analyze and optimize different projects to meet your strategic objectives and increase operational productivity. Get consistent information with regard to:

  • Financial Summary
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Statement
  • Cash Flow


Drive profitable growth with our professional consulting services by turning your critical data sets into business insights. Analyze and understand what your company owns and owes, as well as the amount invested by shareholders: track expenses, sales, and profits via dashboards, and derive actionable insights to make better business decisions.


Our BI professionals help you carry out your most specialized needs through co-sourcing to meet your organization’s financial objectives. We help you to enhance your internal team’s current capabilities by managing ad hoc projects to make better data-driven decisions across all aspects of financial analytics.

Custom BI Solutions

We deliver bespoke Finance analytics solutions to effortlessly identify and analyze financial KPIs, thus reducing your team’s workload. Derive timely insights by monitoring those KPIs, cash flows, balance sheet, and profit & loss statements with greater efficiency and accuracy than before allowing you to make proactive business decisions.


Learn how to integrate and analyze profit & loss statements, balance statements, and cash flow analysis using real-time dashboards and visual analytics. Get rigorous training to ensure that your team is fully prepared to use our Finance /BI solution to the fullest; reaping full benefits from your data to enhance productivity.

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