Beinex is all about transforming the way organizations work with data to bring out the best in Business, Technology and People. To make this dream a reality, we need to bring your data to life. We rely on meaningful partnerships with industry leaders to complement our services. Our association with Snowflake, a leading cloud-first data warehouse service, is a partnership that we leverage to support the data analytics solutions that we offer our clients.

Our partnership with Snowflake enables us to offer you advanced features like automated tuning and elastic compute, along with the analytics modernization services, to help your organisation realise exponential Return on Investment.

Client Benefits


Snowflake offers flexibility and scalability in storage and computation for data analytics solutions.

One System

With snowflake, users have the ability to support all their data in a single system.


Snowflake allows user to seamlessly share data across multiple organizations.

SQL Support

Users can use Snowflake with SQL that their team already knows.

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Beinex Achieves Snowflake Select Tier Partner Status Beinex adds one more feather to its cap by achieving Snowflake Select Tier Services Partner status. A coveted position, it enables Beinex to continue to deliver services to its clients leveraging the Snowflake platform much more effectively and efficiently by tapping further into its storage and computing prowess. The upgrade will also empower Beinex to serve its clientele by letting it deliver hyper-personalised customer experiences boosting and bolstering first-party data with precise and predictable third-party data.

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Data Monetization Using Snowflake

Data monetization pertains to generating revenue benefits from the available data residing in databases within an organization. According to the latest studies, data marketplaces are expected to be valued at over $3 trillion by 2030.

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This interview is with Sanchit Katiyar, Analytics Manager, Beinex Consulting. Sanchit Katiyar is the Analytics Manager at Beinex with almost a decade's experience in data and analytics. In this text interview, he exchanges his views with Rakesh Neelakandan, Content Specialist, Beinex,on Tableau and Big Data.

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