Alteryx Training Programme:
From Beginner to Pro

Propel Your Career to New Heights

Alteryx Training Programme Benefits

Alteryx training program offers several advantages:

Improved Data Analytics Skills

Career Advancement

Increased Job Opportunities

Stand Out from the Rest

Enhanced Productivity

Decision making skills

Levels of Alteryx Training Courses 

Find the ideal Alteryx training program that suits your requirements at Beinex. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, we offer courses tailored to various skill levels.

Beinex primarily offers three levels of Alteryx training courses: 

  • Alteryx Fundamentals
  • Alteryx Intermediate
  • Alteryx Advanced

What is in it for you:

Alteryx Fundamentals Training
Alteryx Intermediate Training
Alteryx Advanced Training

Alteryx Fundamentals Training

Alteryx training course by Beinex aims to introduce beginners to the fundamental concepts and functionalities of Alteryx. Through a combination of theoretical explanations and hands-on exercises, participants will gain a solid foundation in using Alteryx for data preparation, blending, and basic analytics.

Training Date:

July    24,   2024

Course Duration:

2 days (Onsite) / 16 hours (Virtual)

Alteryx Intermediate Training

Alteryx’s intermediate-level training course provided by Beinex is designed to expand your knowledge and skills in Alteryx. Participants will delve deeper into advanced data preparation, blending techniques, and analytics using Alteryx. The course will include hands-on exercises and real-world examples to enhance your proficiency.

Training Date:

July   31,   2024

Course Duration:

2 days (Onsite) / 16 hours (Virtual)

Alteryx Advanced Training

The Alteryx Advanced Training course enhances your skills, delving into advanced features like analytics, predictive modeling, automation, and optimization. Gain expertise in solving complex data challenges using Alteryx through hands-on exercises.Elevate your data manipulation and analysis capabilities with the Alteryx.

Training Date:

August   27,   2024

Course Duration:

2 days (Onsite) / 16 hours (Virtual)

Alteryx Training: Job Roles That Stand to Benefit

Are you unsure if this Alteryx Training is suitable for you? Regardless of your job role, the training will be beneficial to you. 

Training Programme Credibility

Beinex training programs are highly credible due to their experienced trainers, industry-specific programs, customised training, hands-on learning, certification programs, positive reviews, and industry partnerships.

Experienced Trainers

Our subject experts help learners to gain insights and best practices from around the world and keep up with the latest trends and techniques in their fields.

Customised Training

Customized training programmes cater to the specific needs of individuals and organisations, ensuring that trainees receive personalised training that fits their learning objectives.

Hands-On Learning

Beinex provides hands-on learning opportunities that allow trainees to gain practical experience and apply the concepts learned during the training.


Our subject experts help learners to gain insights and best practices from around the world and keep up with the latest trends and techniques in their fields.

Customized content

Our customized curriculum meets the learner's specific needs and goals, which can lead to more effective and efficient learning.

Increased engagement

Our customized training helps the learner be actively engaged in the learning process, which can lead to better retention of the material and increased motivation to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

The prerequisites for enrolling in an Alteryx course may vary depending on the specific course or program, but generally, some basic knowledge of data analysis and visualisation concepts, as well as familiarity with spreadsheet software such as Excel, is recommended. Some advanced courses may also require knowledge of programming languages such as SQL.

The cost of obtaining a Alteryx certification depends on the level of certification and the region where the exam is taken. The prices and policies may change over time.

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