Digital transformation gains heightened significance in the wake of evolving market requirements and customer needs, making it a key strategic initiative to accelerate efficiency, business performance and revenue of an organization. Analyzing large chunks of data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive actionable insights has slowly but steadily started to replace the traditional decision making.   

The growth of Machine Learning (ML) enables the organizations to get high-value predictions that can guide better decisions and smart actions in real-time with minimal human intervention, thus reducing and eliminating customer problems before they occur. 

The adoption of digital problem solving in a cost-effective single platform is all you need to yield unprecedented results. 

Now, transform your organization’s problem solving through an integrated framework that intelligently manages and monitors on your behalf, with – BEINEX DIGITAL. 

Beinex Digital is a suite of independent Digital Products, focused on addressing specific business gaps, use cases, and needs driven by self-service Analytics and powered by AI and ML to leverage the performance of your company.

Beinex Digital - Automation & Augmented Analytics in a single Platform

Beinex Digital is a comprehensive digital solution in a single platform with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid hosting options. The interactive dashboard interface proposes a clear road map that accelerates proper decision making. Promising the cost of ownership at a lower rate with high return on investment, this platform is easy to implement and adopt.

◉   Maximum Customization
◉   Multi-language Support
◉   Dynamic User Inputs & Data Capture
◉   One-click Notifications & Alerts
◉   In-built Interactive Dashboards

◉   Fully Automated Reporting & Analytics
◉   Real-time Monitoring and Updates
◉   Collaboration Based Platform
◉   Flexible Data Connectivity
◉   Multi-device Compatibility


Beinex Digital Product Suite, a collection of AI and ML driven applications customized to suit your business needs scale down the effort of individually tracking the bunch of unstructured data by converting it to reports using NLP techniques.

Employee Health & Safety

Comprehensive health & safety tracking product with in-built contact tracing and risk scoring models. Dedicated modules for Positive cases with one-click follow-up mechanism and exclusive dashboard view for executives & decision makers. We also have developed a periodic employee self-assessment and notifications to ensure the overall health of an employee.

ENTERPRISE Performance Management (STRACT)

Create and edit annual performance plan with proper targets. The use case specific customizable dashboards track the risk-based performance. Enough flexibility for users to update respective program tracks and helps in getting user specific alerts and notifications in just one click.

Enterprise Project Management

Create and edit project plans and activities, assign owners, and enables automatic task logging. The in-built project documentation templates with bulk upload options and the project performance cockpit helps in monitoring the status across all projects. Its risk-based projections on timelines augments proper planning and execution of a project.

Augmented Risk & Audit Analytics

A single platform of risk and audit management that encompasses all the needed features to streamline yo ur auditing processes. Using Auraa, you can identify risks and prioritize it; categorize based on the audit types; apply and manage controls; report your audits and add observations for each audit; input action status for the observations and take actions based on priority, and many more. It also helps in tracking recommendation, monitoring critical issues monitoring, and reporting exceptions.

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