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Our Capabilities

Self-Service Sales Analytics

Create a digitally empowered sales team with our bespoke sales analytics solutions. Empower your team by allowing them to access to your organization’s high-value data from anywhere at any time, in order to make the right decision. Our Self-service BI solution provides sellers with the ability to be proactive, gaining visibility into key customer behavior, driving better sales decisions, all without any IT expertise.

Mobile BI

Obtain real-time data about sales performance, consumer demographics, and customer acquisition in just one click on your smartphone or tablet. Gain continuous visibility into sales operations and easily discover roadblocks with the help of dashboards right there on your mobile anywhere, anytime.

Data Visualization

Our highly skilled subject matter experts deliver in-depth understanding of complex KPIs such as sales performance statistics and consumer scorecards easily understood using our interactive and intuitive visual dashboards. Extract value from the complex business data such as total turnover, profit ration for different products, quantities of products sold, orders received, and gain insights to drive business value.


Our highly qualified subject matter and data experts enable companies to increase revenue and productivity by improving sales visibility, performance, and forecasting by successfully implementing our bespoke Sales solution tailored to your environment. Our BI professionals help you leverage sales data to analyze win/loss scenarios and accelerate your journey from data to decisions.

Our Business Intelligence Service Offerings

Ready To Go Solutions

Bespoke Sales Dashboards

Analyze diverse sales parameters that are presented using consolidated real-time sales dashboards to fetch a quick and comprehensive picture of sales, including:

  • Sales Performance Statistics
  • Sales Performance Summary
  • Sales Performance Summary – What-If Analysis
  • Consumer Scorecard
  • Consumer Scorecard – Profitable Days


Our team of BI experts helps companies retrieve actionable insights from raw data to accelerate decision-making and improve business performance. We help your organization to successfully implement data-driven Business Intelligence Sales solutions to leverage the power of your data, becoming more competitive, productive, and innovative.


Supplement your internal team with our BI professionals to augment performance and productivity and make better data-driven decisions. Gather insights into turnover and profit ratios of different products & categories and enhance your existing capabilities with additional expertise.

Custom BI Solutions

Our bespoke BI solutions are specifically designed for your custom needs and will quickly transform your unstructured data into meaningful insights. We can help you look beyond figures by converting data into intuitive dashboards that enable you to focus more on what’s essential, empowering you to perform critical business decisions to gain maximum competitive advantage.


Take advantage of our training sessions and get to know how to analyze average revenue, average deal size, average purchase frequency, etc. using visual analytics. Carry out what-if analysis, dive into customer demographics, and gain insights on new customer acquisition effectively using the intuitive dashboard interface and improve your decision-making capabilities with our customized Sales BI training.

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