Competitive Intelligence

Our Capabilities

Big Data

From Big data harvesting to enterprise reporting and mobile competitive intelligence solutions, we offer a suite of end-to-end big data CI solutions. These enable smart business moves and improved operational efficiency resulting in increased profit and happier customers.

Data Visualization

Beinex offers highly interactive competitive intelligence solutions for agile and data-driven enterprises of all sizes and categories. Our visual analytics solutions are designed to find answers to your complex business problems quickly and accurately.

Advanced Analytics

Transform the multi-sourced market data into actionable insights to drive growth, spot inefficiencies, and build competitive advantage. We use advanced data analytics techniques to predict, discover patterns, and automate the business responses.

Thought Leadership

We are pioneers in providing 100% population-based strategic decision-making solutions with unique capabilities in big data-harvesting. We offer advanced training courses to help clients make prudent use of competitive and market intelligence information.

Our Competitive Intelligence Offerings

Ready To Go Solutions

Leverage the public data – Keep track of competitors and competitiveness

Gather, analyze, and act. We continuously gather the publicly available competition data from offline and online channels. Our data harvesting team validates the entire data manually before it is consumed by the CI application. Clients can easily integrate our CI database with their actual transactional data.

Other Competitive Intelligence Services


Best-in-class competitive intelligence research and analytics-based consulting services for proactive competition strategy management, cost optimization, customer satisfaction and maximized return on marketing investment. Beinex consulting enables clients to collect and integrate the external market data with their business data.


Our strategic co-sourcing services increase value, optimize costs, enhance quality and provide seamless access to world-class resources and technologies.Our qualified resources will help your team in promising areas and improve core competencies. Alleviate your team’s workload and help them focus on key activities and objectives.

Data Harvesting

Are you not capturing the market data despite laborious efforts? Our custom, automated, semi-automated and human intelligence based solutions help clients to collect large volumes of structured and unstructured data, identify the relevant insights and make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Social Media Analytics

Here is an all-in-one service to analyze, measure, and share the results of your social media efforts! Our custom social media analytics solutions simplify social media reporting with interactive visualizations that help gain actionable insights form social data, and make informed business decisions

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