Human Resources

Our Capabilities

Self-Service HR

Build a competitive workforce by understanding and interacting with your data to uncover accurate and valuable insights. Take appropriate measures to prevent employee attrition and save considerable costs incurred in the rehiring process by exploring relevant and timely data – all without any IT expertise.

Mobile HR

With our bespoke mobile HR analytics solution, you can access real-time information for all the employees easily, enabling you to analyze the data right there on your smartphone or tablet. Access critical HR data and track the progress of important KPIs, attendance details, leave trends, and employee status via dashboards anywhere, at any time.

Data Visualization

Draw insights on the potential of the workforce by measuring employee performance using powerful visualization capabilities. Easily carry out candidate assessments by identifying patterns & trends to get an in-depth understanding of retention rates and employee satisfaction.


We enable companies to make better data-driven decisions by transforming the data at hand into actionable insights with our HR implementation. Optimize the way you use analytics and make smarter human resource management decisions that aid in hiring the right candidates to suit your business needs.

Our Business Intelligence Service Offerings

Ready To Go Solutions

Bespoke Human Resource Dashboards

We provide consolidated HR dashboards that easily navigates to the main dashboards including:

  • Executive summary
  • Demographics
  • Certification & Training
  • Attendance
  • Recruitment


We provide subject matter experts to gather important information about your employees in order to improve recruitment decisions and predict employee turnover through proper data interpretation. Learn how to retain essential employees efficiently by tracking employee performance analytics with customized HR Intelligence, thus reducing risks and saving money.


We are happy to provide specialist skills at peak times to help your organization to increase productivity to make better data-driven decisions based on workforce intelligence. Our qualified HR/BI professionals help augment your team’s existing capabilities to identify, visualize, and analyze all your workforce-related issues promptly.

Custom BI Solutions

We offer bespoke Human Resource solutions developed with our expertise in HR combined with interactive visualization methods to derive timely insights while alleviating your team’s workload. Our pre-defined data templates help analyze patterns from the data collected, thus identifying employee traits, trends, and behaviors to address employee satisfaction, performance, and all other HR issues proactively.


Get in-depth training on how to analyze HR using visual analytics from our experienced professionals. Make better human capital management decisions with our customized training sessions and get to know how BI can be successfully used to extract high-value HR data to optimize HR management decisions and to enhance the productivity of the employees.

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