Beinex’s Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Microsoft Azure is an extensive set of easy-to-scale, cloud computing solution from Microsoft that help organizations meet their business goals. Azure enables organisations to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network, from within the safety of data centres within Middle East.

At Beinex, we have a group of talented cloud experts who deliver Azure consulting services to help you navigate and excel in a cloud-first world. We understand how products and services are delivered in today’s digitally transformed world. We leverage the scope of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem and bring our depth of the landscape, best practices and industry benchmarks to help you harness the real power of data and cloud.

As a Microsoft Azure partner, we ensure your investment in cloud technology will help you reduce cost, enable disaster recovery and reduce time to market and customer.

Client Benefits


Microsoft Azure offers commendable level of flexibility in terms of pricing and functionality.


Organisations can build, deploy, and manage apps and services at scale with our Azure consulting services.


With options to pay as you consume options from Azure, you get a flexible payment plan.

Disaster Recovery

Azure gives a stronghold for against disasters with regional/global failover options, rolling reboots, and the hot/cold standby modes

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