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What’s in store for you?

Data Engineering and Data Science: A Synopsis

The Data Engineering and Data Science course by Beinex equips you with a comprehensive understanding of the domains by combining basic concepts, hands-on methodologies, and advanced topics like cloud data solutions, real-time data processing and machine learning. The course enables you to optimally handle complex and extensive volumes of data using robust tools and techniques while ensuring data integrity, quality, and security.

What does the course cover?

Data Engineering and Data Science: Introduction
  • Role & Significance
  • Different data sources, types & formats
  • Difference between Data Engineer, Data Scientist and Data Analyst
Databases & Data Warehousing
  • Relational and NoSQL databases: Functions, Use Cases, Strengths.
  • ETL vs ELT processes
  • Complexity of Data Warehousing Technology
  • Data Warehousing Concepts and Cloud-based Data Solutions
Real-time Data Processing
  • Hands-on Experience with Industry-leading frameworks
  • Batch and Stream Processing Paradigms
  • Stream Processing: Introduction
  • Stream Processing: Introduction Data Quality, Governance and Advanced Security Measures
Data Science
  • Data Science: Role in business and technology
  • Foundations of Data Analysis: Statistics, Probability, and Linear Algebra
  • Data Handling & Preprocessing
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
Data Engineering & Data Science Course Benefits
The Data Engineering & Data Science course prepares you to explore the boundless prospects in the big world of data. The course equips individuals to work effectively across the entire data pipeline, from data collection and storage to analysis and insights generation.
Gain hands-on experience with data analysis tools.
Collect, process & analyze large data sets efficiently.
Acquire proficiency in managing data in real time
Learn the best data security practices.
Build predictive models for advanced data analysis.
Elevate career prospects.
Who stands to gain?
Data Engineering & Data Science Training: Beneficiaries
Business Analysts
  • Clean, preprocess and analyze data effectively
  • Uncover insights and trends
  • Create compelling reports and dashboards
  • Improve processes and optimize operations
Business Intelligence (BI) Developers
  • Design & maintain efficient data warehouses
  • Pre-process and transform data to reports and dashboards
  • Optimize the performance of BI solutions
  • Integrate data into reporting and dashboarding tools
Data Operations (DataOps) Engineers
  • Design, build and maintain data pipelines effectively
  • Automate data pipelines, workflows and quality checks
  • Implement data quality checks and validation
  • Design efficient and reliable workflows

Training Programme Credibility

Data engineering ensures data accessibility, consistency, and reliability for data scientists to attend to analysis. Beinex offers a Data Engineering and Data Science course to help individuals leverage robust tools and platforms through a comprehensive and real-world experience for optimal data processing and management.

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