Attention Writers: Now You Can Write for Beinex!

‘Payment. Credits. Exposure’

Yes, we have just gone article-hungry.

We need talented writers who can come up with high-quality Articles and Blogs on all our service domains and more. It shall be a freelance arrangement. Selected articles would be paid for.

Writing Domains: Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation

Who can Write for Beinex?

Virtually anyone:
Freelance writers
Independent experts​
Employed writers​
Retired hands​

What do We Want in You?

Impeccable writing skills
Originality and authenticity
A fount of creativity
Keen eye for detail
Passionate about content creation
Technical soundness
Constant interest in staying on top of technology trends

What We Do Not Care About:

Your background
Your gender
Your nationality​
Your qualification
Your employment status

How it Works:

01Fill in the registration form with your details and attach an original article/ blog that you think falls into our Services domain and is therefore relevant to us. ‘Submit’.
02Post review we will get back to you with suggestions to edit, if any.
03You carry out the necessary editing if required and email the write-up back to us.
04Publishing the article in your name
05Invoicing the article in the prescribed format from your end
06Payment processing @USD 1 per 100 words for an article
Write for Beinex
Explore writing gig for Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation. Submit your details along with your write-up.

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