AI & Automation: Your Enterprise Autopilot

The world is getting increasingly patternized. Do you find it difficult to navigate this new realm? Do you find AI & Automation difficult to implement? How resilient is your AI & Automation power?​

AI & Automation

Use enterprise manhours where it matters the most

Beinex AI & Automation Services puts you at ease, literally. From NLP-NLG Chatbots to Syntax Migrators to Predictive Modelling to Web Scraping to Social Media Analytics, we offer a range of AI and Automation services that can streamline and automate many of your redundant workflows within a short turnaround time.

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Beinex AI & Automation Services Snapshot

Predictive Modelling

  • Budget forecasting
  • Employee churn
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Macro economic forecasting
  • Customer churn
  • Fraud detection
  • Sales and Demand forecasting

Social Media Integration & Analytics

  • Cross-platform integration services for multiple social media platforms
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social media listening
  • Recommender Systems

Web Scraping

  • Brand information
  • Dynamic pricing facilitation

Cognitive Services

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer vision

Additionally Beinex is an implementation specialist for Power Automate from Microsoft enabling Robotic Process Automation.

All these offerings help you tackle the increasingly complex enterprise imperatives that is getting accentuated on an hour to hour basis.

Our Impact

Success stories

A Regulatory Body

Empowering the client with the benefits of customer happiness index prediction

With the implementation of the predictive model, the client was able to accurately observe the gaps in their customer service model and deploy solutions to ameliorate the overall as well as categorical index performance.

The Beinex Approach​

How we do what we do.​

The PPTD or People-Process-Technology-Data paradigm of Beinex is the active core of AI & Automation for your business. We deploy the model to work for you and empower you to leverage the benefits to your distinct and lasting advantage.


From designing, developing, testing, deploying and maintaining applications and services to ensuring smooth handovers to the designated team apart from providing training at multiple levels, Beinex has the right set of Consultants, SMEs and Implementation Specialists to ensure you get to have a seamless, dynamic but durable experience when it comes to AI & Automation.


Be it going for the creation of a predictive modelling tool or social media analytics or something as fundamental as web scraping we have established processes, some of which are proprietary. Beinex NLP-NLG chatbots, the instances of which are being utilised at many fronts is a case in point.


Beinex has technology partnerships with some of the biggest industry titans in the world when it comes to AI and Automation. We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Data & AI at Azure. We are also an implementation specialist for Power Automate from Microsoft enabling Robotic Process Automation. Our Cognitive Services rank high in the MENA region.


Data is the lifeblood for all our services, be it any vertical. From generation to access and disposal, Beinex Data Governance model is robust and foolproof and maintains the highest in industry standards. We enable your enterprise to leverage the power of the data that is already with you and facilitate AI & Automation so that you can take it to the ultimate level in digital maturity.

The Flexible Paradigm

Beinex Delivery Model​


The Consulting services offered by Beinex in the domain of AI & Automation assume a scope that is predefined post horizontal and vertical consultations. Standard gap analysis, advisory services, AI maturity assessment, setting up a Centre of Excellence, use case discovery, creating a business case, facilitating change management; we do them all. ​


Resource allocation as per your requirement which can be tool or partner-centric and bundling together of services; for instance, BI and automation services; backward integration assistance, forward leap enablement and micro-to-macro range of vertical-specific empowerment are something we are specialized in.

Custom solutions​

Your business is unique, and your problems too are. So tailor-made business solutions work for you. Be it a chatbot, employee churn prediction tool, a dynamic pricing facilitation tool, a sentiment analysis tool, social media listening services...a range of these products and services need to come packed together with customizations for you to put into effective use.


We have the expertise. You have the right set of people. Let us train your workforce and enable and empower you to take you to your objectives and help you in the pursuit of your business goals. From short to medium to long term training sessions with follow-up sessions for reinforcements and refreshment, we can change the way your destiny is charted.

Why choose Beinex AI & Automation Services

Beinex, in line with industry standards, helps in the adoption and integration of AI & Automation, hands down. Our support program chips in when interventions or inputs are necessary.

Experience-induced Agility

Beinex has a talent pool of coveted consultants who are change agents in diverse domains capable of ushering in an organisation-wide transformation in terms of People-Process-Technology-Data. The depth and breadth of their experience adds to agility and brings adaptability to business contexts.

Tool Mastery & Use-case Libraries

The Consultants at Beinex are masters of the tools they operate in. They are well-versed in the range of tools available in the market of which Beinex is a partner to many of them. A robust eco-system of use-case libraries result in minimal turn around time from a business point of view.

Range of Solutions

A range of solutions and services mark Beinex in the Middle East as the premier go-to hub for business-related problems. End-to-end services, bundled services, 360-degree enablement: we do them and even more.

Leadership Matters

Thought Leadership

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