Aurex Reconnect: A Renewed Sense of Togetherness

Alfiya A N

Project Associate at Aurex

A s an employee at Aurex, I was lucky enough to be part of an extraordinary adventure at the enchanting Lakesong resort in the picturesque paradise of Kumarakom. Little did I know that this experience would redefine the meaning of work-life balance and take my professional journey to new heights!

At Aurex, reconnect sessions are part of our work culture. Work and life go hand in hand together here, and we often take short breaks to reconnect and relax. This team meet-up was just one of the many we have experienced so far.

Mystical Location

When our team arrived at Kumarakom, we hopelessly fell in love with the surroundings. The lush green settings and the serene backwaters spellbound us. And I knew this team outing would be unlike anything I'd ever experienced. The whole environment was really inspiring and energising.

Collaborate, Fun, Repeat

Our reconnect session was exclusively a stimulating session. When not brainstorming, we engaged in exciting team-building activities. Those activities strengthened our team's synergy and brought out our competitive spirits.

Culinary Journey

Oh, the culinary delights of Kumarakom! Every meal was an adventure, and we thoroughly enjoyed the delicacies. The long array of dishes displayed confused us, but we were open to the idea of trying almost everything!

Sunset Serenity

As the day drew to a close, we gathered at the edge of the backwaters to witness the magical sunsets that painted the sky with hues of orange and pink. It was a perfect time for introspection and gratitude, appreciating the beauty of nature and the incredible opportunity we had been given.

Lasting Connections

The Aurex reconnect not only strengthened our professional relationships but also forged lifelong friendships. Sharing these incredible experiences brought us closer as a team, leaving us with cherished memories that bound us together.

In the comfort of our cosy rooms, we indulged in late-night chit-chats, sharing entertaining anecdotes and the exciting escapades we had encountered. The roars of our laughter echoed throughout our room until we finally succumbed to some sleep late at night.

Back to Reality

As the reconnect session drew to an end, there was a bittersweet feeling. We returned to our routine with renewed enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. The team outing instilled in us the importance of finding joy in our work and creating opportunities to explore and grow personally and professionally.

‘Aurex Reconnect’ at Lakesong Resort in Kumarakom was a whirlwind of excitement, learning, and joy. It blended the best of both worlds – team building and leisure – in an enchanting setting, leaving us all with unforgettable memories and a burning desire to repeat this incredible experience. If you ever get a chance for a reconnect session like this, seize it without hesitation!

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