Business Intelligence: See What Others Do Not!

Great decisions fuel outstanding business growth. Do you find it challenging to take insights-based business decisions? How wise is your BI?

Business Intelligence

Take right and rapid decisions

Business Intelligence services extended by Beinex deliver solutions to all your business questions. At-a-glance analysis facilitated by cutting-edge BI tools does wonder to every industry. Analysing enormous and complex data couldn’t be mind-boggling for you anymore with BI tools. With Beinex, you can interact with an agile and intuitive system to validate your data, navigate your vision, and execute it in a data-driven way to tap into potent entrepreneurial potential.

BI delivers data at the right time to the right people so they can take the right decisions. With our extensive experience, global network, diligence, and cutting-edge technology, Beinex can assist you in reducing risk so that important decisions may be taken with confidence and updates gauged in real-time.

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Our Impact

Success stories

Open Data Portal for A Premier Health Authority in the Middle East

The client originally wanted to showcase data across different metrics of healthcare like demographics, hospitals, clinics, health care professionals etc. on a public portal for the users. But the team did not have a mechanism to show this data visually and the data dissemination was happening via static excel sheets scattered across the portal. With Beinex BI services, the client was able to disseminate the data in the form of 100+ dashboards for end users for around 500+ KPIs.

The Beinex Approach

How we do what we do.

The PPTD or People-Process-Technology-Data paradigm of Beinex is the active core of Business Intelligence transformation for your business. We deploy the model to work for you and empower you to leverage the benefits to your distinct and lasting advantage.


Our consultants are trained in BI tools to anticipate the goals quickly and proficiently. Equipped to identify the challenges in the operational and strategic business aspects, the trained experts usher in progress to business. Our robust employee training and development programs facilitate an elevated client service.


Trained and properly mentored BI experts are evaluated through foolproof steps and then they are launched to aid business operations. Through consistent training they are moulded to increase operational efficiency and to help in making key business decisions through valid insights.


Our experts are certified practitioners of many BI tools including Tableau and Power BI and provide the clients meaningful services. These tools equip our proficient experts to use BI to stay abreast of sectoral changes, track seasonal market shifts, and foresee client wants.


Through the wealth of experience, our BI experts guide your data journey by getting the foundations right to drive better data capture and more comprehensive insights. Data visualization and interpretation offer a harmonised view of your data so that you can make the best possible decisions for your organisation.

The Flexible Paradigm

Beinex Delivery Model

The Beinex Delivery Model constitute a range of options that can be customised depending on your ground reality. It primarily falls into one of the following buckets for you:


We aid in turning your business data into competitive advantage by our robust consulting model of work. We identify data sets that matter and distil, visualise, and analyse them, deriving actionable insights to make better business decisions. Our holistic business intelligence implementation methodology based on best practices from successful enterprise deployments will show the way for you.


Looking for specialist skills? Need additional resources at peak times? Through co-sourcing, our BI professionals can supplement your internal team to augment existing capabilities. Enhance the ability to focus on core competencies, attain flexibility, reduce cost, and make fact-based decisions.

Custom BI Solutions

Take advantage of our bespoke BI solutions developed by combining our management consulting experience and modern BI technologies. We use industry best practices based KPIs and KRIs, monitoring dashboards, predefined data templates and visual layers to enable quicker implementation.


Learn how to evaluate business needs, design data warehouse, integrate and visualize data with dashboards and visual analytics, and make better business decisions. Beinex’s customized BI training improves decision-making capabilities and boosts overall productivity.

Why Choose Beinex BI Services

Beinex Business Intelligence Services enable you to analyse and interpret the futuristic direction of your business, with minimal expending of resources. Right insights for right decisions powered by agile data, change the way you look at your growth and its amazing horizons.

Self-Service BI

Business Insights for everyone – from business support function to business leaders. Create and access business intelligence and analytics reports without the need for any IT expertise as a prerequisite.

Mobile BI

Access critical BI data, dashboards, and charts anywhere, anytime. Make informed decisions on-the-go. Keep track of important KPIs, real-time sales, revenue generation, and customer data.

Data Visualisation

Explore and visualize big data. Get in-depth understanding of complex concepts and intricate patterns. Beinex offers insightful visualization solutions to extract value from complex business data.


Coveted experience in implementing Business Intelligence projects. Our methodology relies on iterative, agile methods that are faster and more effective than traditional deployment.

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